🗝️Getting an API Key

Within VeChainStats, every user is able to create an account to create a free API key. To obtain an API key, please follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on VeChainStats by navigating to 'API' under the 'More' dropdown in the top bar. You will end up on the page below where you can press 'Sign Up' which prompts a window allowing you to set up your account. After creating your credentials you will have to verify your email by pressing the link that's sent to your email.

  1. After validating your email by clicking the link that has been sent to you, you should be automatically logged in and brought to your personal API dashboard. Clicking the button 'create a free API Key' should generate your first API Key.

Creating a premium or enterprise key through the dashboard isn't available at this time. If you're interest in obtaining a key with higher request limits and premium endpoints you should reach out through our contact form.

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